Hole punch clouds or fallstreak holes are also called UFO clouds due to their appearence in the clouds.  These stunning cloud circles have started to appear more frequently, or, are being photographed and filmed more regularly.

Are hole punch clouds and the fallstreak part of the holes sometimes seen in them created or formed by electrical process from the electric universe? Can the electric universe theory explain how hole punch clouds are formed?

Can the EU theory explain the Romanian hole punch cloud and the Moscow hole punch cloud and all the others photographed around the world?

links to hole punch cloud and fallstreak hole clouds website

the hole punch cloud site The official hole punch clouds and the perhaps even stranger fallstreak holes found in the middle of them – outstanding collection of images and photographs

UFO clouds Called UFO clouds but with an electric universe explanation in electrical and magnetic forces – great photographs of hole punch clouds

Fallstreak Hole clouds seem to be hole punch clouds with ice crystals (virga) fall or streaking down from them


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